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Parents are recognised as partners in education. Therefore, good home/school communications are vital. St Louis Infant School communicates with parents via monthly newsletters, text-a-parent, telephone and annual parent-teacher consultations (held in October each year) and end-of-year reports.

Making an Appointment

Should you wish to meet with the class teacher an appointment must be arranged with the office or by sending a note to your child’s teacher, who will then organise a mutually suitable time to meet. It is not practical for teachers to meet with parents during class time. If a child is experiencing difficulties of any type in school, teachers are available to listen to concerns. Please contact the class teacher to arrange an appointment. If this meeting fails to resolve the issue please contact the school to make an appointment with the principal.

Lost Property

The school does not accept responsibility for lost property. Any unlabelled items found are placed in the lost property area and are kept until the end of the school year. Please enquire about lost property at the secretary‘s oflice.


Parking is limited in the area around the school. Parents and minders are requested not to drive up William’s Park in the morning or afternoon for health and safety reasons. Parents should never park outside the gates of the school. Scooters/bikes: Many pupils scoot/cycle to the school, there are bicycle racks at the side of St. Louis Primary school where pupils and parents may lock bikes or scooters. It is not possible to store scooters in classrooms. The school takes no responsibility for loss or theft of bikes or scooters from the school premises.

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