Medical / Accidents

up-to-date medical form

Each child must have an up-to-date medical form completed at the beginning of each school year. Parents are responsible for ensuring that any such medication is in—date and that the school is notified immediately of any change to medication/medical condition.
Medical screening and booster immunisations for childhood diseases are conducted by the HSE at regular intervals in the school. Parental consent forms must be supplied prior to any medical screening and administration of immunisations. The school is not in a position to give answers in relation to queries about immunisations. Parents are advised to contact the HSE directly.

medical issues

Teachers do not generally administer medication to children. If children are required to take an antibiotic parents should arrange for this to take place outside of school times. Antibiotics or non-prescription medications should never be placed in a child’s schoolbag for self-administration.
In exceptional cases, where a child has an ongoing medical condition (e.g. diabetes. severe allergies, etc.), parents may apply to the Board of Management for their child to have medication during school hours.


In the event of an accident or injury to a pupil during school hours, teachers will take such action as would be exercised by a careful and solicitous parent. Minor cuts and bumps will be dealt with in school. It is required that any cuts/abrasions are checked when the child arrives home and are re-washed and re-checked. For more serious injuries parents will be contacted or an ambulance called where necessary.
All pupils have personal insurance against accidents which covers the child for 24 hours and day, 7 days a week.