the subject areas

St Louis Infant School follows the curriculum as defined by the Department of Education & Skills which can be accessed on
The subject areas are English. Gaeilge. Maths, SESE (Social, Environmental & Scientific Education incorporating History, Geography & Science), Arts (Music, Drama, Visual Arts), SPHE (Social Personal & Health Education), PE (Physical Education) and Religion.

scientists, musicians...

Guest speakers, wildlife specialists and others visit the school at regular intervals to share their expertise with pupils, Organisations like the (GAA or similar Spurting organisations arrange for coaching throughout the year. Parents with specialist skills that can enhance the learning of the pupils are invited to share their expertise with classes. Visits to local community resources – the library, parks, the canal and National Concert Hall – take place throughout the year.

extra-curricular activities

St Louis Infant School offers a wide range extra-curricular activities for your child. These run from 1.30-2.30pm Monday-Friday. They include Acorn Club (alter school care club), Art, Speech, & Drama. Pre-lnstrumental Music. Irish Dancing, Ballet, Recorder, Soccer, Tennis, Spanish. Ballet, Swimming and Yoga. Activities vary from year to year. Parents are advised of the available activities at the beginning of the school year Sparta Gymnastics operate a gymnastics club on Saturdays in St Louis schools. (find out more)


Homework is an integral link in the chain of communication between school and home. It is designed to help parents monitor the progress of their children through homework.

Junior Infants are not given homework in the initial school period. Thereafter, the children receive a sheet each Monday which contains a variety of poems, phonics, colours and words which relates to the class work for that week.

Senior Infant children are given a homework sheet each Monday which contains oral, reading and written work. Written work is completed on this sheet.

First Class children are given a homework sheet each Monday to be completed in a homework copy. This combines oral, reading and written work. Written work includes both English written work and mathematical tasks.

in addition

Learning support teachers and EAL (English as an Additional Language) teachers may assign specific homework for pupils. Homework should be a positive experience and should not be a source of stress for either parents or pupils. Pupils should not exceed the recommended time limits for the completion of homework. If a child is experiencing difficulties in completing homework, parents are advised to speak to the teacher who will advise and/or modify homework.