school pinafore
blue school shirt
crested cardigan
navy/white tights
dark shoes
crested school jacket*


grey school trousers
blue school polo shirt
crested navy sweatshirt
navy/white socks
dark shoes
crested school jacket*

available for purchase

The school uniform is available for purchase from O’Keeffe Sports 4 Wynnefield Road, Rathmines — telephone 01-497 58l9
Uniforms are keenly priced. Parents who have difficulty in providing a school uniform for their child may be entitled to a “Back to School Allowance”.

each day

Pupils are required to wear the correct school uniform to school each day, with school tracksuit being worn on PE/Sports Days. Shoes with Velcro straps should he used if a child cannot tie their laces.
( * school jacket is optional)

it is essential

It is essential to label your child’s clothes and property. It is also essential that all children can put on coats/hats/gloves independently.