Last week, room 3 were reading about the Garda Dog Unit’s latest recruit. The children decided to write their first ever letter to the Garda Dog Unit suggesting names for the lovely new pup. Names included Trevor, Flower, Louis, Nifi and a beautiful name written in Chinese characters. Little did we know that the dog unit received the letters and decided to pay us a surprise visit today. They brought their dogs Elsa, Grizzly and the new pup too.

The pup came into our classroom and immediatley went to work sniffing around. He loved meeting and playing with all the children. Once the puppy was finished doing important detective work (…playing and and eating up crumbs from lunch !!) we all went outside to meet the other working dogs.

The garda and his dogs showed us just how well they work as a team. The dogs listened carefully to each command given and were rewarded with their favourite ball.

As you can see from the photos we also got a chance to sit in the van and sound the siren. It was the best surprise ever.

The garda told us that we were the only school n the whole of Ireland to send them letters. They were very impressed with the hard work that the children put into thinking up suitable names and decided they just had to visit  us.

A big, huge thanks to the Garda Dog Unit for a really fun and interesting day. We really appreciate the surprise.

Stay tuned to their twitter account to see what name they pick for their latest additon.