As part of our Green Flag Programme for Biodiversity, Ms O’Neill and her first class participated in Green Sod Ireland’s bee-friendly planting project “Bee Aware” on November 10th. The children learned about pollination, how to identify common Irish bumblebee species and how to help local bees by making their school garden more bee-friendly. The students sowed native Irish wild flower seeds in the yard including bird’s foot trefoil, red clover, field scabious, lesser knapweed, oxeye daisy and yellow rattle; all of which provide vital nectar and pollen for foraging bees. We will monitor our seeds and water them carefully when the weather gets warmer. We look forward to posting pictures of the flowers’ progress and hopefully will spot some bees enjoying some yummy nectar and pollen! The children of Room3 and Room 7 are growing some wildflowers inside which hopefully will be ready for planting in the outside world in a few months. We will keep you posted.