Parents Association



All of our fantastic events are fuelled by the energy of our parents. Please think about voluntering for one (or more) of our events during the year. Even an hour of your time will make a big difference and allow us to keep running these events and activities year after year. If you are not around during day times, you can still help – some events take place at the weekend and some need advance set-up that can be done outside of school hours. Or maybe you have a relevant skill that you could contribute?  Please email and let us know, thank you!

what is the Parent Association?

Every parent or guardian at St. Louis Infant School and St. Louis Senior Primary School is a member of the St. Louis Parent Association. We have a P.A. committee to plan and manage the tasks of the P.A. – elected by parents and guardians at our AGM each year. As the voice of the association the P.A. committee works with St. Louis’ Principals for the best education of our children.

what do we do?

Our two broad tasks are to make our voices heard on matters relating to the school and to run events and activities to help us to get more involved at the school. Some events that we do are purely social, and others have a fundraising focus. We have a busy programme that takes place each year.

fundraising: why do we do it?

We create some of our events to raise funds for the St.Louis primary schools. Fundraising activities are carried out in consultation with the Boards of Management and fundraising aims are defined at the start of each year. The money goes directly to the schools for upgrades, equipment and improvements. The money we raise is documented and declared. We’ll keep you posted on the new projects in the pipeline that we are working towards. Last year – in addition to our voluntary contributions – we raised enough money to fund a major IT upgrade in the Senior Primary School, for sports equipment and school library books. The Infant School allocated their funds to the purchase of digital tablets for use as a classroom learning resource.

how to get in touch?

Catch the committee in person at school – you can see a full profile of members (including photos!) if you subscribe to our email updates. Or email us on We’ll stay in touch with you via email, posters, newsletters and notes home in school bags.

why get involved?

Meet other parents and get involved with the schools. It sets a great example for our kids too. Besides, research shows children are happier and do better when their parents are actively involved in their school.