Room 3 went on a snail hunt today.

**** What did we do?

  1. We made a list of all the things we know about snails. Here are the words we came up with:
  • Slime
  • Shell
  • Brown
  • You find them in the soil or in holes in the wall (Anna saw them there near her house).
  • On windows (Miss. Horan found one sticking on her window last night).

2. We got magnifying glasses and went to find them in the Millennium yard. We looked in the soil, in the cracks in the wood, behind trees, under the wooden benches.

**** What did we find?

NOTHING! Not even a bug!

**** What did we learn?

  1. Snails hibernate in the winter. It’s winter now and far too cold for a snail to be out and about. Now we know why we couldn’t find any.
  2. Snails wake in the Spring. It is then that they are very hungry and eat yummy leaves.
  3. Snails lay eggs in the summer.
  4. Baby snails hatch in the autumn.
  5. Snails have teeth on their tongues to help them eat.

**** What did we see?

  1. We used the magnifying glass to look at the snail that Miss. Horan found in her garden. It is brown and black with stripes.
  2. There was no snail inside. Erica thinks it was curled up asleep.
  3. We will look for snails in the autumn, summer and spring…not the winter!