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Welcome to our Active School Blog. We are very proud in St Louis to be working towards achieving our third Active School Flag.

The Active School Flag (ASF) is a Department of Education and Skills initiative and it is awarded to schools that strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community. This process aims to get more schools, more active, more often.

Physical education is allocated 60 minutes per week of overall teaching time. All classes are taught the strands of Athletics, Dance, Gymnastics, Games and Outdoor adventure. Discretionary time is also used towards P.E

St Louis Infant School promotes physical activity in a fun, positive and inclusive way. We support the full range of fundamental movement skills during break times and pupils are encouraged to play and to do ‘talking as you’re walking’. We have two daily playground breaks and our school yard is zoned and marked to allow children to engage in a variety of different activities, namely basketball, connect four, skipping and hula hoop games.

St Louis Infant School incorporates physical activity into school calendar events as we hold different seasonal activities and events. Follow our Active School blog for our latest events.

Run Around Ireland Challenge

Well done to everyone who took part in our Run Around Ireland Challenge! We visited many places in Ireland such as the Spire, Powerscourt Waterfall and even the Cliffs of Moher. In total we ran 1,286 laps of the yard – wow! We hope you enjoyed the challenge and we are very proud of how far you ran. Well done everyone, keep up that Operation Activation!


Operation Activation!

Look at all the fantastic artwork inspired by our Active School motto! We have made a huge effort to decrease our sedentary time throughout the school day, and the children came up with some fantastic ideas. Remember everyone, it’s time to move – Operation Activation!


Active Week 10th  – 14th May 2021

The boys and girls of St. Louis are so excited to take part in Active Week.  We will have lots of different activities in school this week, including ‘Bizzy Breaks’, a new Active School Walkway and a daily, Active School challenge!  There will be active homework every day too! Ready, set, go!!

Monday’s Active Homework

Ms. Donohoe has set a great challenge for you to try at home today!  Watch the challenge here and then try it yourself!  Don’t forget to send your teacher photos or videos of your active homework!

Ready for another challenge? Try the ‘Shoot the Can’ Challenge!


Tuesday’s Active Homework

Ms. Tangney has a challenge for you today!  It’s a good one! Have a look here and then try it at home yourself.  Best of luck! 

Neasa Byrd, captain of County Cavan Ladies Football Team, has set you a ‘solo’ challenge! Watch it here and have fun trying it yourself!

Wednesday’s Active Homework

Ms. O’Neill has set the challenge for you today.  Watch it here and then try it yourself.

Irish hurdler, Sarah Lavin has another challenge for you.  It’s a ring toss challenge!  Click here and see if you can do it yourself!

Thursday’s Active Homework

It’s Ms. Galvin’s turn to set you a challenge for today.  Watch it here and then try it yourself.   All you need is a ball and a wall!

Oliver Dingley, member of the Irish Diving Team has dared you to try the ‘Sack Race Challenge’.  Click here to watch.

Keep up the great work!  

Friday’s Active Homework

Ms Fleming has set you the final challenge of the week.  It’s an obstacle course challenge!  Click here to watch it.  

Hannah Matthews, Irish Hockey Player, has set you another challenge.  You can watch it here.


Run Around Ireland……

Today we begin our month long ‘Run Around Ireland’ challenge. The aim of the challenge is to run to as many famous landmarks as we can. Click on the Powerpoint to see the landmarks and how far they are from our school. Happy running everyone! Run around Ireland challenge

Let’s get Active – jump, skip, hop and dance!

Active Homework for Monday 19th April 2021 – click below…..

Active Homework 19th April – 23rd April[1844]

Our March jumping challenge is complete! Well done to all the classes who did 500 jumps every day and a big well done to Oliver who did 15,500 bounces in March and raised €2,300 for Barretstown.

The boys and girls of St. Louis have been learning a special dance for Seachtain na Gaeilge. We have had great fun dancing along to ‘An Dreoilín’. Here is the link to the music so you can dance to it at home if you like:

We are having great fun Fridays with different activities in the yards….check out what we get up to…..

St. Louis is taking part in a bouncing challenge this month, inspired by Oliver from room 9’s ‘Bounce for Barretstown’ challenge. Oliver will be bouncing 500 times each day on his trampoline for the month of March in order to raise funds for Barretstown. Please see more information by clicking on this link: | Support Bounce for Barretstown

Our school will be trying to match Oliver’s challenge by having each class jump 500 jumping jacks a day. Feel free to start your own bouncing/jumping challenge at home and get involved!

Click on the following links to see how active the boys and girls of St. Louis. Kept during the school closures. Well done everyone!

We were keeping really active during the school closures! Have a look at the following active homework plans to see all the different activities we took part in, and give some of them a try if you didn’t get the chance!

Active Homework 1st – 5th February

Active Homework 8th – 12th February

Active Homework 18th – 22nd January

Active Homework 25th – 29th January[6415]

Our playground leaders have been working hard to make sure yard time is an enjoyable time for everyone! Click on this  Playground Leader Jobs Powerpoint to see the jobs our playground leaders have

Well done to all the boys and girls who took part in the ‘Active Break Every Day’ challenge! They were very busy for the whole month of November taking part in yoga, running, dancing, and all kinds of different exercises. Keeping active during the school day keeps us healthy and helps us to focus more. Click on the here to see what we have been up to!

October Monster Mosh

St. Louis Halloween Monster Mosh – On the 23rd October we dressed up in our best costumes for a big Monster Mosh. We saw witches, vampires, superheroes and fairies show off their best moves as they shook, stamped, clapped and danced together! Thank you to the Parent Association for organising a great day for everyone!

Every Friday Simon Lambert (Ranelagh Gaels) teaches GAA skills to the children. We are learning to solo the ball, handpass, kick and catch….. Check out these football stars……

At St. Louis Infant School we are very lucky to work in partnership with some of the sports and activity clubs in our local community.

Many of the children from our school attend extra-curricular swimming lessons at Swan Leisure. The pupils have previously attended Swan Leisure during school hours as part of Active Week and have always thoroughly enjoyed the activities they engaged with there.

We are delighted to work in partnership with Ranelagh Gaels. Our First Class pupils love attending GAA training with Simon from Ranelagh Gaels each week. This gives the pupils the opportunity to participate in GAA in addition to the PE Curriculum taught by the class teachers at our school.

Pupils from St. Louis Infant School took part in extra-curricular tennis lessons at Stratford Lawn Tennis Club prior to the outbreak of Covid-19. The children are very much looking forward to returning to these lessons soon.

Click on any of the links above to get more information about the great sporting facilities and clubs that are available in our locality.

Run Around Ireland

Our ‘Run Around Ireland’ challenge is underway! The boys and girls of St. Louis have been running to different landmarks in Ireland. Some places we have visited so far include The Spire, Powerscourt Waterfall, and Newgrange. Well done to everyone for their fantastic running, let’s  keep it up and see how far we can go!