St Louis Infant School has 20 full-time teaching staff with an administrative principal. There are 12 classes – 4 Junior Infants, 4 Senior Infants and 4 First Classes. Additionally, there are Inclusive Support Assistants in the school.

Child Protection

The Board of Management of St Louis Infant School has adopted and implements fully and without modification the Departments Child Protection Procedures for Primary and Post Primary Schools as part of the overall child protection policy.

St Louis infant School is a fully recognised primary school and is managed by a Board of Management. The Board of Management comprises eight members who are representative of the stakeholders in the education process.
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St Louis Infant school has a comprehensive school plan which incorporates curricular and organisational policies which are reviewed on a regular basis. Parents may access these policies by emailing to request a copy of a policy. Policies include Enrolment Policy, Safety Statement, Code of Behaviour, Anti-Bullying Policy, Attendance Policy, Special Education Policy, Child Protection Policy, Assessment Policy, Record-Keeping Policy.
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St Louis Infant School has a designated school uniform. Pupils are required to wear the correct school uniform to school each day, and these should be kept clean, neat and tidy. It is not permitted for children to wear jewellery. with the exception of stud earrings. Hair should be neatly cut or, else, tied back. It is essential to label your child’s clothes and property.
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There is a once-off payment for books and educational materials at the beginning of each academic year. Thereafter, all books, workbooks, copies, pencils, erasers are provided by the school for each child. The school operates a book rental system in respect of English readers whereby all pupils have access to a wide range of age and ability appropriate reading materials throughout the school year.

Opening Time: 8.30 am
First Break: 10.20 am – 10.30 am
Second Break: 11.45 am  – 12.15 pm
Closing Time: 1.10 pm (JI) 1.20 pm (SI) 1.30 pm (First Class)

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St Louis lnfant School encourages full attendance for pupils with the exception of when a child is ill and cannot attend school. All absences must be explained by a note on the child’s return to school. Medical certificates should be supplied in the event of serious or extended illness. Pupils should not take holidays during the school term as it is very disruptive to the child‘s learning. (read more)

Parents Association

A vibrant Parents Association (PA) has been established in the school. This PA serves both St Louis Infant School and St Louis Senior Primary School. Every parent or guardian with a child enrolled in the school is a member of the Parents Association, with the committee comprising of parents who wish to get involved with the work of the PA. (read more)

St Louis Infant school has a healthy eating policy – sweets, crisps, fizzy drinks, biscuits and chocolate are forbidden. A healthy lunch of sandwich, milk and fruit is provided free of charge to each pupil by Dublin City Council. In accordance with the Healthy Eating Policy of the school, children are not allowed to bring treats to celebrate birthdays.
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Child Protection is central to the well-being and safety of children in school. Teachers may take photographs for display throughout the school building and in the children’s classrooms. Parental consent is always sought for use of photographs on the school website/blog. It is not permitted for parents/guardians/visitors to use their phones/cameras to record children/teachers in the school. At school events to which parents and guests are invited, it is not permitted for parents to take photos/videos of the children.

Each child must have an up-to-date medical form completed at the beginning of each school year. Parents are responsible for ensuring that any such medication is up-to-date and that the school is notified immediately of any change to medication or medical condition. Medical screening and booster immunisations for childhood diseases are conducted by the HSE at regular intervals in the school.
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